Other lake monsters

 According to Heuvelmans, there are as many as nine types of animals involved in the compilation of his 358 "significant" reports.  Logically speaking, Lake Monsters are less believable than monsters of the deep blue sea. Lakes are smaller bodies of water and therefore more difficult to hide in. Also, they are usually located in more … Read more

Theories about Nessie Existence

A variety of explanations have been postulated over the years to account for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. These may be categorized as: misidentifications of common animals; misidentifications of inanimate objects or effects; reinterpretations of traditional Scottish folklore; hoaxes; and exotic species of large animals.

The Loch Ness

Loch Ness is located in the North of Scotland and is one of a series of interlinked lochs (Oich, Lochy) that run along the Great Glen. The Great Glen is a distinctive incision that splits Scotland in two from the East to the West coast and represents a large geological fault zone.The interlinking was completed … Read more

Loch Ness Monster Expeditions

Literally, dozens of private expeditions are carried out at the loch each year, too many to list here. This list is a summary of the major expeditions since 1933. The expeditions failed to uncover any specific evidence, which supported the evidence for the monster.   1933: Marmaduke Wetherell 1934: Sir Edward Mountain 1958: Cockrell 1960 … Read more

List of sightings

Purported sightings on land   Name: Duncan Campbell Date: 1527 Location: Not known Description: A terrible beast seen on the loch shore.   Name: Group of children Date: 1879 Location: North shore Description: Small head on long neck turning from side to side. Grey in colour.   Name: E.H. Bright Date: 1880 Location: Drumnadrochit Description: … Read more

Nessie Sightings

In August 27, 1930 3 fishermen reported seeing a disturbance in the water. The men watched as a creature 20 feet long approached their boat throwing water in the air. As it passes them, its wake caused their boat to rock violently. The men were convinced that a living creature caused the disturbance. Following the … Read more

Folklore about Nessie

Carvings of this unidentified animal, made by the ancient inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands some 1,500 years ago, are the earliest evidence that Loch Ness harbors a strange aquatic creature. Alleged reference sources of the sixteenth century indicate the presence of a strange creature dwelling within the loch, often wreaking carnage and havoc among the … Read more

Description of Nessie

Despite a few inconsistencies and variations, Nessie is usually described as a creature with two humps, a tail, a long, snake-like neck and a small head. The monster is reportedly 10 to 15 m (30 to 50 ft) long. A V-shaped was often mentioned, as well as a "gaping red mouth" and horns or antennae … Read more