Orang Gadang

The Orang Gadang & Beruang Rambai Aka : kapre (Philippine), waray-waray (Eastern Samar), orang gugu. The term beruang rambai is the common term for the Malay sunbear Place : in the northern Philippines islands Description: huge hirsute ape-men built on the order of the North American Sasquatch, having a wide 5-toe footprint with a non … Read more

Orang Kubu

Aka : Orang Dalam, Orang Sanat Place: Sumatra (indonesia) US adventurer Walter M. Gibson reported in 1855 in Palembang, Indonesia, a man-sized creature , "covered with hair, that looked soft and flowing, the mouth was wide, lips protruding, and chin formed no part of the hairy face; yet it was pleasantly human in its expression." … Read more

The Yowie

The Yowie (also called Yahoo or the Great Hair Moehau in New Zealand) is an alleged hominid reputed to lurk in the Australian wilderness, similar to the Himalayan Yeti and the North American Bigfoot. Description The Yowie is very similar to Bigfoot with a height of six to seven feet tall and a thick black … Read more

The Almasty

The Almasty, Mongolian for “wild man,” is an alleged hominid cryptid said to inhabit the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains of central Asia, and the Altai Mountains of southern Mongolia. Almas is a singular word in Mongolian. Variants of the word, including Almasty , The snow man, Jangali Mosh (‘man of the forest, wild man’), Barmanu, … Read more

The Yeren

The Yeren (Chinese: 野人; literally “wild-man”), also known as the Yiren, Yeh Ren, Chinese Wildman, or Man-Monkey is an alleged hominid residing in the mountainous forested regions of China’s remote Hubei province. Description Biologist Wang Tselin who claimed to have examined a specimen describes him as follows: “The creature stands fully erect like a human … Read more

The Yeti

The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an alleged ape-like bipedal cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Some in the scientific community regard the Yeti as a legend, however it remains one of the most discussed and seeked creatures of cryptozoology, together with his “cousin”, Bigfoot of North America. Etymology and … Read more