Deborah Martyr

Deborah Martyr   Species : Orang Pendek   Country : England     The english writer has been searching for the Orang Pendekin the jungle of Borneo since 1994. Along with British photographer Jeremy Holden, she engaged in a 15-year project beginning in the early 1990s and funded by Fauna and Flora International. The scope … Read more

Maya Bykova

Species : Yeti Country : Russia One of the leading Russian authorities on Bigfoot was Maya Bykova, who passed away in 1996, leaving behind a legacy of serious scientific inquiry into the phenomenon. Bykova graduated from the Moscow Agricultural Academy in 1955. Since 1972 she had organized a dozen expeditions to search for traces of … Read more

Bernard Heuvelmans

Dr. Bernard Heuvelmans   October 10, 1916 – August 22, 2001 Species : all Country : Belgium Bernard Heuvelmans was a Belgian-French scientist, explorer, researcher, and a writer probably best known as “the father of cryptozoology”. His 1958 book, On the Track of Unknown Animals (originally published in French in 1955 as Sur la Piste … Read more

Commandant Cousteau


Jacques-Yves Cousteau   (11 June 1910 – 25 June 1997)   Species : sea animals   Country : France  Jacques-Yves Cousteau (11 June 1910 – 25 June 1997) was a French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. His work … Read more

Alien big cats

Aka: ABCs, Phantom cats, The Beast of Bodmin Moor. Alien Big Cats (ABCs), are large felines, such as jaguars or cougars, which have been purported to appear in regions outside their indigenous range  The word "alien" here is meant to denote large felines that are "out of place," rather than "extraterrestrial" Description Descriptions of the … Read more

The Thylacine

Aka: Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf Description  The creature is half wolf and half tiger, with a head like a large dog’s, hindquarters like a hyena’s, and tiger stripes covering only the rear half of its body ending with a long, rigid tail. The mature Thylacine ranged from 100 to 130 cm (39 to 51 … Read more

The mokele-mbeme

Aka : N’yamala, Guanérou, Diba Description In 1913, a German expedition in Congo heard from pygmies about an animal they called mokele-mbeme, which means "one who stops the flow of rivers" in the Lingala language. They said this beast was about the size of an elephant or hippopotamus, with a long, flexible neck and a … Read more

The Merman

This merman was reputedly found tangled up in a Japanese fishing net some thirty years ago. It was not breathing and exhibited no signs of life. It took up temporary residence in a Japanese bar where it attracted the local clientele until it was sold to a German businessman who donated it to a museum … Read more