Death beliefs according to religions

The ways we mourn and remember are influenced by our religious backgrounds. Some faiths cremate their dead, while others bury them. Some observe rituals long after a loved one’s death, while for others, the formalities are complete with the funeral. Christian beliefs Christians trust they will go to heaven to be with God once they … Read more

Fear of death

The fear of death is anxiety caused by thoughts of one’s own death, and is also referred to as thanatophobia. It differs from necrophobia, which is a general fear of dead or dying things, or things associated with death. According to the 2017 “Survey of American Fears” conducted by Chapman University, 20.3% of Americans are … Read more

Death Omens

Since death is the final destination for all of us, there are thousands of superstitions associated with believed signs of its coming. Omens of Death involving Household Objects A dish or glass breaking when no one is near it is another sign that there will be a death in the family soon. Breaking a glass … Read more

Protection from the dead

Almost all cultures have beliefs in ghosts. Although there have been exceptions, the general rule has always been to keep spirits away from the living, and avoid them at all costs. Ghosts were thought to be stubborn and mean. To primitive societies, a ghost was like a “bomb” to the living. All of their rites … Read more

Perception of death today

Factor of changes for Death in our culture and society  Factors associated with these changes in cultural death systems include: Changes in social structure The challenge of death is most extreme within small, primitive societies where famine, disease, or war could lead to the destruction of the entire group. As populations increased the need for … Read more

Gods of death

There are many gods and goddess that are related to Death. Some are specifically in charge of the dead souls whereas other will carry out specific tasks such as the judgment or the migration. Most time, the belief in Afterlife is based on the existence of kingdoms like Heaven, Hell or the Purgatory. Such places … Read more

Death creation myths

THE CAST SKIN A Melanesian Myth At first men never died, but when they advanced in life they cast their skins like snakes and crabs, and came out with youth renewed. After a time a woman growing old went to a stream to change her skin. She threw off her old skin in the water, and … Read more

100 death superstitions

There is a funeral going on in your town, do not travel long distances or travel out of your town. You have to stay in your town until the funeral is over, for if you leave during a funeral before it has finished your trip will be full of bad luck. If you hear 3 … Read more