Nature of Satan

He is a Creature The Scripture teaches us that there is only one eternal and self-existent God who is the Creator of all things. If Satan were not a created being then he must be eternal or self-existent, a dualism which is incompatible with what the Bible teaches about God and the world in which … Read more

Proofs of existence

To be effective against the enemy you must know your enemy so you can be prepared to effectively counter his attacks. For this reason alone, the doctrine of Satanism is a very important study, and one which is often filled with opposition because Satan, the deceiver, never likes to be revealed for who and what … Read more

Satan today

In the present age, scientific rationalism is both God and Devil. With the advent of post-Renaissance materialism, the living presence of religion was suddenly undermined. Belief in the Devil, evil spirits, and eventually God himself was seen as superstitious, having no place in the Age of Enlightenment. As the power of Christianity waned as the … Read more


In the Gnostic system, the Devil plays an indispensable role as destroyer, an organic part of the One, necessary to a polymorphous cosmos. There is no “accidental lack of perfection,” no flaw in his being. Medieval demonologists often mention a demon called Abraxas. They represent him as a fat-bellied character with the head of a … Read more


Based on  the « Pistis Sofia », written by Philippe the Apostle  on Jesus’ order, the Gnostics dispensed with the infamous contradictions in mainstream Christian theodicy by dropping the assumption that the Ultimate God must also be the Ultimate Good. Essentially, the Gnostics returned to polytheistic monism, but retained certain aspects of Christian doctrine, such as the … Read more

Privatio Boni

The orthodox tactic regarding the problem of evil was the concept of privatio boni, which claims that evil was not part of God’s creation at first. Evil comes about later, from the the voluntary actions of free-willed beings. Humans are mutable (changeable) because they are made out of nothing – they are contingent creatures that … Read more