Type: Firedrake  Origin: German Myth (linked to Siegfried)  Myth : Hurnen Sifrit decided to slay the dragon, and take the treasure that it guarded a hoard of gold. He hid himself in a covered pit, and when Drachenstien passed above it, plunged his sword into the dragon’s unprotected belly. After killing Drachenstein, Hurnen loaded the … Read more

Azhi Dahaki

Type: Hydra  Origin: In Persianmythology Angra Mainyu, the Father of Lies created the dragon Azhi Dahaki to rid the world of righteousness.  Description: This fearsome monster had three heads, three jaws and six eyes; his his body was filled with lizards, scorpions and other foul reptiles. If he weer ever cut open, these venomous creatures … Read more

Historical dragons

Dragons often play the role of genius loci, protective spirit of a place that symbolized the wild, untamed world. When man started the development of agriculture, most of the world was covered by a thick, green forest, full of predators.   The serpent of Carthage Marcus Atilus Regulus, roman general, was heading with his army … Read more

Famous Chinese dragons

The Four Lungs Tien-lung , The Celestial Dragon: who protect the sky and palaces of Gods, Shen-Lung, The Spiritual Dragon: who cast the storms and the rain, Ti-Lung , The Earth Dragon which control rivers, and water on the Earth, and Futs-Lung , The Underworld Dragon which guards precious metals and gems. Mang has four … Read more