Eleanor d’Aquitaine and the Dragon Prince

In the Middle Ages, the most rewowned tournaments of poetry in all of France were held at the court of Eleanor d’Aquitaine. Celebrated troubadours gathered there to demonstrate their art, and once a year the winner of this poetic joust was announced. On one occasion, the winner was an unknown and very handsome young man, … Read more

The Cooper and the two Dragons

In Switzerland lived a man, a cooper by trade, who one day climbed the soft slope of a nearby mountain to a forest of oaks and birches to find wood. It was autumn and the ground was covered with a thick carpet of dead leaves. The cooper deviated soon from the path, in search of … Read more

Childe Wynde

Childe Wynde The castle of Bamburgh, where lived the kings of Northumberland, of an austere appearance, was perched on a granite headland at the end of a vast strand, a small village nested against its sides. During a certain time, these already lugubrious places were transformed into a source of pain and desolation. That occurred … Read more

The Drac of Beaucaire

Through the vineyards and the olive groves of the South of France, at the foot of the proud castles of the lords of Provence and along the villages with the tiled roofs of their vassal, ran the Rhône whose majestic course could not, it seemed, conceal a dragon. And, however, in its depths, close to … Read more