Queen Mab

AKA: Mab, Mabh, Medb, Medhbh, Maeve In the Celtic tradition, Queen Mab was also known as Queen Maeve. "Maeve" means mead and it was said that Mab gave this blood red wine to all of her consorts. Mead wine represented menstrual blood which was considered "the wine of women’s wisdom". In Warwickshire, the word "Mabled" … Read more

Faeries and witches

The Church, trying to eradicate the old pagan cults, has relentlessly “demonized” the many creatures that populated the local mythologies. These creatures that were neither (or both) good and evil were brutally associated with all the pain, grievances, sufferings that fall on us. According to King James I in his Daemonologie, Diana was both the … Read more

Plants of faeries

Plants of great power against and among Faeries are : Alder Protected by water spirits Apple To ensure good harvests, leave the last apple of your crop for the Apple-Tree-Man. Ash Druids wands were made of ash twigs. It also has healing properties. Weak-limbed children were passed through split ash trees which were then bound … Read more

How to see fairies

There are several ways to see past a fairy’s shroud of invisibility. Sometimes wearing one’s coat turned inside-out will enable one to see into Fairyland. Occasionally closing one’s right eye and peering through one’s left is sufficient. Wearing a posy of primroses or carrying a four-leafed clover can also be effective. There are also certain … Read more

The Ballad of Tam Lin

O I forbid you, maidens all, That wear gold in your hair, To come or go by Carterhaugh, For young Tam Lin is there. There’s none that goes by Carterhaugh But they leave him a wad,     *token, object of value Either their rings, or green mantles, Or else their maidenhead. Janet has kilted … Read more

Fairy animals

The very numerous fairy animals, of which there are many traditions in the British Isles, may be divided into two main classes. There are wild ones, that exist for their own purposes and in their own right, and the domesticated ones bred and used by the fairies. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between these … Read more

Fairy music

Fairies are fond of dancing and playing music. They share this trait with the fauns and satyrs who escorted Dyonisos. In Ireland and Scotland, many pipers and fiddlers learnt their songs or even their trade from the Fairies. In the same way that the famous bluesmen of America get their fame through a pact with … Read more

Fairy festivals

The fairies have three great festivals every year, during Walpurgis Night (April 30), Midsummer’s Night (June 24), and Samhain (October 31). On Walpurgis Night / Beltaine (also known as May Eve and Walpurgisnacht), the fairies engage in great feasting and occasional fighting. On Midsummer’s Night (also known as Midsummer Eve) the fairies are at their … Read more