Rod-shaped objects moving quickly through the air were claimed by some to be alien life forms or ghosts, but subsequent experiments showed that these rods appear in film because of an optical illusion. Aka :Streaming ghost, swimmers, energy rod, lightHistory: Rods were discovered in 1994 with the advent of high speed video cameras. They appear … Read more


Aka : funnel ghosts  Origin: ? Description : A tornado-like mass of air, water, or energy that spins around very fast, creating a vacuum to pull objects into its empty center. It can varies in size and length when moving. They are readily confused with a speeding orb when they slow down and take on this … Read more


Aka : spears, globules, balls of light, globes   History : first accounts dated back from Antiquity. Description : translucent balls of light hovering above the ground most often traveling erratically through the air. When a person or ghost hunter develops the picture or loads it onto his computer the photo has a hovering, round … Read more