Dey Ain’t No Ghosts

ONCE ‘pon a time dey was a li’l black boy whut he name was Mose. An’ whin he come erlong to be ’bout knee-high to a mewel, he ‘gin to git powerful ‘fraid ob ghosts, ‘ca’se dey’s a grabeyard in de hollow, an’ a buryin’-ground on de hill, an’ a cemuntary in betwixt an’ between, … Read more

Haunted Traintracks

Once, there was a tragic accident on set of traintracks:   A busload of children was crossing the tracks, and could not get out of the way in time to avoid the approaching train.  Now, if your car stalls out on the tracks, it will be pushed over the tracks to safety before the train hits … Read more

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

It is a dark and  stormy night.  A person driving sees a forlorn figure at the side of the road and decides to give him or her a lift.  Usually the  hitchhiker is a young woman in some sort of trouble… her prom dat  dumped her, or hercar broke down.  The driver gets to her … Read more

Bloody Mary aka Mary Worth

Bloody Mary is a ghost or witch featured in Western folklore. Bloody Mary Worth is typically described as a child-murderer who lived in the local city where the legend has taken root years ago. As the story goes, a beautiful young girl named Mary Worth was in some sort of terrible accident (or  occasionally the … Read more

The Soldier’s Goodbye

ONE Sunday afternoon in October 1915, schoolgirl sisters Isabella and Robina Houston laughed and played on the landing outside their tenement home. The First World War was raging and thousands of valiant Renfrewshire soldiers served with the colours overseas. Coming up the stairs towards the girls was a handsome young man immaculate in the Highland … Read more


ABOUT fifty years ago, an unfortunate female wanderer took up her residence in a dark vault, among the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey, which during the day, she never quitted. When night fell, she issued from this miserable habitation, and went to the house of Mr. Haliburton, of Newmains, or to that of Mr. Erskine, of … Read more

The Haunted Ships

"ALEXANDER MACHARG, besides being the laird of three acres of peatmoss, two kale gardens, and the owner of seven good milch cows, a pair of horses, and six pet sheep, was the husband of one of the handsomest women in seven parishes. Many a lad sighed the day he was brided; and a Nithsdale laird … Read more

Hungry Ghost Festival

Chinese legend has it that a long time ago, there lived a young man, Mu Lian and his widowed mother. His mother was a wicked woman. She often turned away beggars who came to her door asking for food. She liked to jeer at the working poor and their dirty clothes; in essence, the only … Read more