Society for Psychical Research

The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was founded in 1882 by three dons of Trinity College, Cambridge. Sir William F. Barrett, a professor of physics at the Royal College of Science in Dublin, had been conducting experiments in the 1880s testing the notion of thought-transference. Barrett conceived of the idea of forming an organization of … Read more

Oliver and Raymond Lodge

One of the more significant cases of mediumistic communication concerns the many messages received by Sir Oliver Lodge from his deceased son Raymond. An eminent physicist, Lodge pioneered in the development of radio technology, which actually was as much his brainchild as it was Marconi’s, although he did not pursue its commercial development to the … Read more

The Watseka Wonder

The case of the Watseka Wonder is listed by Myers as an incidence of multiple personality strongly suggesting the spiritualist hypothesis. It was originally published in the Religio-Philosophical Journal in 1879 and later in pamphlet form with the title “The Watseka Wonder,” by E. W. Stevens. The editor of the journal, highly regarded as a … Read more

The Margery Mediumship

Mina Crandon (more commonly known as Margery) is, perhaps, the most controversial medium in the history of Spiritualism. The most astounding aspect of the Margery mediumship was the diversity of phenomena which occurred. They ranged from breezes, raps, trance and trance writing in several languages, to materializations, independent voice, apportations, and the production of paraffin … Read more

The Piper Case

Perhaps the best claimant to successful mediumship was Mrs. Leonora E. Piper of Boston, Massachusetts. Her mediumship began spontaneously in 1884, on the occasion of going into a trance during the seance of another medium. At first her controlling spirits rather pretentiously claimed to be Bach and Longfellow. Then appeared a self-styled French doctor who … Read more

Physical mediumship

Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone, in Spirit, usually known as a spirit operator (as compared to a spirit communicator), works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the medium and causes something physical to happen on the Earth plane. Physical mediumship is objective in nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, … Read more

Mental Mediumship

Mental Mediumship is the relaying of information through communication, via the varied aspects of thought transference, or mental telepathy, without using any of the five physical senses. Mental mediumship takes place within the consciousness of the medium. The results are expressed verbally and must pass through the medium’s mouth. In a demonstration of mental mediumship, … Read more