Poltergeist cases

One of the most spectacular poltergeist hauntings took place in Enfield, north London in August 1977. Peggy Hodgson and her four children had just moved into their new home. Strange things began to happen – beds shook, furniture moved by itself and loud knockings were heard. The activity seemed to be centred around Janet Hodgson, … Read more

The Supersitious Man’s Story

"There was something very strange about William’s death—very strange indeed!" sighed a melancholy man in the back of the van. It was the seedman’s father, who had hitherto kept silence. "And what might that have been?" asked Mr Lackland. "William, as you may know, was a curious, silent man; you could feel when he came … Read more

Glamis Castle

“The Castle of Glamis, a venerable and majestic pile of buildings,” says an old Scots Gazetteer, “is situate about one mile north from the village, on the flat grounds at the confluence of the Glamis Burn and the Dean. There is a print of it given by Slezer in Charles II.’s reign—by which it appears … Read more

The Haunted Cove

Commonplace in itself and showing positive vulgarity in the style in which its pleasure-grounds are laid out, Clyffe, near Berwick-on-Tweed, has yet one delightful feature of its own,—to wit, a private bay to which access is obtained by a tunnel seventy or eighty yards long, cut through the soft formation of the cliff from the … Read more

Drake’s Drum

Sir Francis Drake—who appears to have been especially befriended by his demon—is said to drive at night a black hearse drawn by headless horses, and urged on by running devils and yelping, headless dogs, through Jump, on the road from Tavistock to Plymouth. Sir Francis, according to tradition, was enabled to destroy the Spanish Armada … Read more

The Spectral Coach of Blackadon

"You have heard of such a spirit, and well you know The superstitious, idle-headed eld Received and did deliver to our age This tale of Herne the Hunter for a truth." Merry Wives of Windsor. The old vicarage-house at Talland, as seen from the Looe road, its low roof and grey walls peeping prettily from … Read more

Dr Duthoit’s Vision

I knew a fine specimen of an English abbé when I was at school at Hereford. This was Dr Duthoit, Prebendary of Consumpta per Sabulum in Hereford Cathedral, Rector of St Owen’s, bookworm and, chiefly, rose-grower. He was a middle-aged man when I was a little boy, but he suffered me to walk with him … Read more

The Ghost of Lord Clarenceux

In the chair which stood before the writing-table in the middle of the room sat the figure of Lord Clarenceux. The figure did not move as I went in; its back was towards me. At the other end of the room was the doorway, which led to the small bedroom, little more than an alcove, … Read more