Etymology of vampire

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first appearance of the word vampire in English from 1734, in a travelogue titled Travels of Three English Gentlemen published in the Harleian Miscellany in 1745. The English word vampire was borrowed from French vampire in turn borrowed in early 18th century from Serbian вампир/vampir or, according to some … Read more

Stocker’s definition

In the Chapter 18 of Dracula from Bram Stoker, we found an interesting description from  Professor Van Helsing “The nosferatu do not die like the bee when he sting once. He is stronger; and being stronger, yet have more power to work evil. This vampire which is amongst us is of himself so strong in … Read more


In Balkan folklore, a dhampir (also spelled dhampyre, dhamphir, or dhampyr) is the child of a vampire father and a human mother. The word dhampir is believed to derive directly from Albanian: pij or pirё which means “to drink”, and dhёmbё or dham which means “teeth”, thus dhampir, “to drink with teeth”. In the rest … Read more


Vampirism is the practice of drinking blood from a person/animal. In folklore and popular culture, the term generally refers to a belief that one can gain supernatural powers by drinking human blood. The historical practice of vampirism can generally be considered a more specific and less commonly occurring form of cannibalism. The consumption of another’s … Read more


Nosferatu comes from the Greek word nosophoros (which means “plague-carrier”) that evolved into the Old Slavonic word nosufur-atu. The name used to qualify a Romanian undead vampire  became popular in fictional literature due to an article written by Emily Gerard titled Transylvanian Superstitions which was published in the the July, 1885 issue of the magazine … Read more


Strigoi is based on the ancient Greek term strix for screech owl, which also came to mean demon or witch. Before the popularization of vampire, it was the name most frequently used for the kind of undead vampire that periodically returns to its grave. Another use of the term is a living person with certain … Read more

Vampire Regents

With centuries of experience behind them, they are the most cunning, intelligent, and elusive of all adversaries – testing the most skillful and practiced of monster and vampire hunters alike. These creatures are known to establish intricate and widespread networks comprised of numerous vampire minions and human thralls alike; making them nearly impossible to track … Read more