The Croglin Grange Vampire

This particular account dates from just after the English Civil War in the 1650’s. The owners of Croglin Low Hall in Cumberland (now Cumbria) were a family named Fisher and the story was told to one Augustus Hare by a descendent of the family in 1896. For some reason of their own, the Fishers decided … Read more

Mercy Brown

The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident which occurred in 1892, is one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse in order to perform rituals to banish an undead manifestation. In Exeter, Rhode Island, the family of George and Mary Brown suffered a sequence of tuberculosis infections in the final two decades of … Read more


With good reason it has been argued that Rasputin, an unordained Russian mystic and holy man, who helped discredit the tsarist government, leading to the fall of the Romanov dynasty in 1917, was a vampire. Contemporary opinions variously saw Rasputin as a saintly mystic, visionary, healer, and prophet, or as a debauched religious charlatan. Historians … Read more

The Highgate Vampire

Over the past 37 years, many popular books on ghosts have mentioned a vampire which purportedly haunted Highgate Cemetery in the early 1970s. The growth of its reputation is a fascinating example of urban-legend-building, which can be traced through contemporary media reports and subsequent books by two participants, Sean Manchester and David Farrant. The Highgate … Read more

Minor historical vampires

The Shepherd of Blow In the village of Blow, there was once a shepherd, who died for unknown reasons. Several days after his burial, he took to reappearing in his village and tormenting the people there. Anyone on whom he visited would die within 8 days. His case would be unremarkable, but for what happened … Read more