Vampyre Lifestylers

Vampyre Lifestylers or “Vampyres” (as opposed to “Vampires”) are individuals who are attracted to the contemporary vampire lore and who seek to emulate it by dressing in exotic vampire-like costumery, decorating their homes in dark Victorian (or funeral parlor) gloom, assuming prosthetic fangs and colored contact lenses. It is partly outgrown but distinct from the … Read more

Vampire Gamers

The popularity of the role-playing game Vampire: the Masquerade has created an entire subculture of people devoted to the game, its universe, and the personae they create in order to “live” the game. These individuals have their own network of interconnected websites, chatrooms and messageboards, and enjoy posting to these “in persona” as their gaming … Read more

Find Your Type (Quizz)

Score a point for all yes answers: Do you prefer the night? Do you bite? Do you bite frequently? Do you drink blood? Is blood your major staple? Do you go a little crazy went you get some blood on your hands? Do you like the sight of blood? Do you have a strong lust … Read more