Vampires from folklore

You will find an exhaustive list of folkloric vampires in Monstropedia, the largest encyclopedia about monsters. A Abchanchu Abhartach Adlet Albastor Amalanhig Asema Aufhocker B Baobhan Sith Boo Hag C Callicantzaros Chiang-shih Churel Cihuateotl Civatateo D Dakhanavar Dhampir Djadadjii Doppelsauger Dracula Draug Drekavac E Ekek Ekimmu Elemental vampire Empusa Erzsébet Báthory Estrie G Glaistig H … Read more

Chinese vampires

 The most general term forthe undead vampire in Chinese lore is k’uei and quite often these are blood-drinkers. Belief in k’uei is usually connected with belief that a living person has two souls, a superior one called the hun and an inferior one called the p’o. It was believed that a human fetus had a … Read more

South American vampires

South America has not been an area rich in vampire lore, however, the fact that vampire bats are native to the continent suggests that some recognition of vampirism would have appeared in the continent’s folklore—and such is the case. Aztec mythology described tales of the Cihuateteo, skeletal-faced spirits of those who died in childbirth who … Read more

African vampires

The peoples of Africa have not been known, in spite of their elaborate mythology, to hold a prominent belief in vampires. Montague Summers, in his 1920s survey of vampirism around the world, could find only two examples: the asasabonsam and the obayifo. Since Summers, very little work has been done to explore vampirism in African … Read more

Hindu vampires

Hindu names for the vampiric undead include: Vetala Bhuta Gayal Churel In Hindu folklore, the vetala is an evil spirit who haunts cemeteries and takes demonic possession of corpses. They make their displeasure known by troubling humans. They can drive people mad, kill children, and cause miscarriages, but also guard villages. The term bhuta is … Read more

Bulgarian vampires

Bulgarian beliefs concerning undead vampires are quite varied. Bulgarian names for an undead vampire include: Vampir, Vorkolak, Ouber, Ustrel, … The pure Bulgarians call this being by the genuine Slavonic name of Upior;  the Gagaous (or Bulgarians of mixed race) by that of Obour which is Turkish; in Dalmatia it is known as Wrikodlaki, which … Read more

Polish vampires

The most common name for an undead vampire in Poland seems to be upier or upior. The same names can be found in the neighboring countries of the Ukraine, and Byelorussia. Under this name, the Polish undead vampire is usually quite similar to those in these neighboring countries. A description of the undead vampire in … Read more

Slovakian vampires

 In a field trip that he made in the spring of 1949 in the Zempline district of East Slovakia, the Slovak scholar Jan Mjartan investigated the local beliefs concerning vampires. In 1953 he published a summary of his findings titled Vampirske povery v Zempline in the Slovak academic journal Slovensky nardopis, Vol. 1, p. 133. … Read more