Vampire Disposal methods by country of origin

SPECIES COUNTRY APPROVED METHOD OF DISPOSAL Sampiro Albania Stake through heart Nachtzehrer Bavaria Place coin in mouth, decapitate with axe Ogoljen Bohemia Bury at crossroads Krvoijac Bulgaria Chain to grave with wild roses Kathakano Crete Boil head in vinegar Brukulaco Greece Cut off and burn head Vampir Hungary Stake through heart, nail through temple Dearg-dul … Read more

How to reverse vampirism

Contrary to the literary tradition created by Bram Stoker, there is no precedence in folk belief to support the notion that it is necessary for the victim of a vampire to drink the blood of the vampire in order to become a vampire himself. But, quite to the contrary, there are cases where the blood … Read more

How to kill a vampire

Vampire’s hunter’s tales teach us that here are only two sure methods of destroying a vampire permanently. One is to expose the vampire to direct sunlight and then scatter its ashes. Another is to pierce its heart with either wood or silver, stuffing the head with garlic cloves, and then severing it from the body. … Read more

How to prevent vampirism

There were a variety of preventive measures, all aimed at keeping a corpse from rising in its grave. Some of these were done using folk remedies, other Christian remedies and finally people used common sense. They were used alone, and in conjunction with other methods. Like vampire characteristics, the methods of choice depended on the … Read more

Apotropaic objects

‘Apotropaic’ is a word generally used to mean something that ward off demons and other evil spirits, but is often used to describe the various methods of stopping a vampire. There are many methods used by many different major world cultures. While there are many specific categories noted here, most apotropaics fall into four general … Read more