Vampires secret societies

Temple of the Vampire The Temple of the Vampire was established in 1989 in Lacy, Washington, USA. The Temple bases its beliefs on various books known as Bibles. Also much like the beliefs of Satanists, the Temple teaches that the vampire is his own God. The primary teachings of the Temple of the Vampire are … Read more

Vampiric Community

“Vampiric community” or “vampire community” is a term forged to loosely indicate all those who self-defined or fell under any definition of “vampire. “Vampiric” would in a broader sense include people who do not use the term “vampire” and those who are supporters, sympathizers and “donors.” Such a community would gather vampires who share common … Read more

Vampyres Lifestyle

The vampire subculture is largely a social creation within Western popular culture, seemingly drawing disparate elements such as the styles of Victorian England, cult symbolism, horror films and goth music, the fiction of Anne Rice, while still retaining elements and mannerisms of those participating in the S/M lifestyle. The Vampire subculture seems to exist in … Read more

Vampyre Scene

The Vampyre Scene or simply  the Scene is a general term for the social aspects of the vampire subculture including nightclubs, havens, events, businesses, societies, and even the online part of the subculture. The Scene is quite tolerant against their own needs and related topics and often intermixes with the Gothic scene, the S/M scene … Read more

Vampyres Festivals

Several major public international gatherings of vampyres taking place every year are known as the Endless Night Vampire Balls : in New Orleans every Halloween weekend, in Paris, France in April and also in New York City, Amsterdam and now Prague. Endless Nights is a mix of burlesque performance, a masquerade ball and rock concert. … Read more


The Sanguinarium ( was a network, community and resource for the vampyre subculture and scene founded in 1995 by Father Sebastian as Clan Sabretooth in New York’s underground club scene. Inspired by the “vampire connection” of vampire bars, nightclubs and safehouses founded in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the Sanguinarium serves to bring this vision to … Read more

The Black Veil

The Black Veil is a set of ethical guidelines designed to serve as a moral compass for the vampire community. The original Black Veil was written by Father Sebastian for the Sanguinarium in 1999. The first published version of the Black Veil was found by many reminiscent of the seven Traditions of the Masquerade. These … Read more

Vampyres Etiquette

Use of language and etiquette is very significant in the Sanguinarium, which claims to promote chivalry, honor, style, and creativity. The expression “The Awakening” alludes to initial attraction to the Vampyre aesthetic, which is also referred to as the “birth to darkness” or “the becoming.” The code of conduct is enforced by the Elders in … Read more