Vampires Covens

Covens (House/Household/Clans) are groups of individual vampires or vampyre lifestylers, usually but not always located within a certain geographic area, who have banded together under a specific theme, set of ideals, traditions, common Sigil, havens, membership requirements, hierarchy and/or rites. Covens range in size from as few as three members to as many as hundreds. … Read more

Vampyres Hierarchy

The hierarchical structure of Vampyre culture is referred to as The Three Pillars. The lowest level consists of Fledglings who are either new to the lifestyle, inexperienced, or who are children of Vampyre adults. They are signified by having no prefix before their name and no stone in their sigil. After a period of initiation … Read more

Vampires Courts

A monthly social event which is much like a "town meeting" for members of the Sanguinarium in a specific geographic area. Court is usually held once a month at a local tea house, lounge or haven, and only Vampyres and black swans are welcome. This is an opportunity to socialize with others in the Scene … Read more

Vampires Cabals

A Cabal is the far-underground "shadow" community of sanguinarians in a particular geographic location. They would gather in Bloodbars, sort of rumoured underground vampire havens, which are said to serve stored blood and/or have willing donors who provide blood over a bar. Cabals are very secretive (most  deny their existence) and selective as to who … Read more

Vampires Havens

A Haven is a Vampyre nightclub or other gathering place. Considered hallowed ground, the haven serves as the social hub of a given community, providing a place where all the community can gather and socialize. Often, special functions arranged by the vampiric community in an area are held at the local haven. Hundreds of  vampyres … Read more