Werewolf Timeline

500 BC Scythians recorded as believing the Neuri to be werewolves. 400 BC  Damarchus, Arcadian werewolf, said to have won boxing medal at Olympics 100 – 75 BC  Virgil’s eighth ecologue (first voluntary transformation of werewolf) 55 AC Petronius, Satyricon 170  Pausanias visits Arcadia and hears of Lykanian werewolf rites 150 Apuleius, Metamorphosis composed 432 … Read more

Nazi werewolves

There are no nazi werewolves except in the scenari of some exploitation or B movies, however the nazis created at the end of WWII a special unit know as Werhwolf. The name was chosen after the title of Hermann Löns’ novel, Der Wehrwolf (1910). Set in the Celle region, Lower Saxony, during the Thirty Years’ … Read more

Werewolves in the Middle Age

During medieval times European and Baltic countries were entrenched with werewolf beliefs. Later in the 15th and 16th centuries werewolves, like witches, were thought to be servants of the Devil. They made pacts with the Devil and sold their souls to him for his help. Outlaws and bandits played on these superstitions by sometimes wearing … Read more

Vatnsdæla Saga

The Ynglinga Saga (c. 7) says of Odin, that “he changed form; the bodies lay as though sleeping or dead, but he was a bird or a beast, a fish, or a woman, and went in a twinkling to far distant lands, doing his own or other people’s business.” In like manner the Danish king … Read more