Werewolf Fiction Timeline

Crazy Ivan’s TIMELINE OF WEREWOLF AND THERIANTHROPE FICTION                Last updated: 06 JUL 2005                   Conventions:   Sources are listed in [Brackets]. Episode titles are in “Quotations”.                                  … Read more

Popular art

The first time a werewolf appeared in the television series was in the Seventh Doctor serial The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988). A wolf-man appears in the 1986 Sixth Doctor story Mindwarp, and the primords in the 1970 Third Doctor story Inferno are also lupine in appearance, but in both cases these are induced … Read more

Werewolf movies

The first feature film to use an anthropomorphic werewolf was Werewolf of London in 1935, not to be confused with the 1981 film of a similar title, establishing the canon that the werewolf always kills what he loves most. The main werewolf of this film was a dapper London scientist who retained some of his … Read more

Nineteenth century literature

Nineteenth century Gothic horror stories drew on previous folklore and legend to present the theme of the werewolf in a new fictional form. An early example is Hugues, the Wer-Wolf by Sutherland Menzies published in 1838. In another, Wagner the Wehr-Wolf (1847) by G. W. M. Reynolds, we find the classic subject of a man … Read more

Classical literature

In medieval romances, such as Bisclavret, and Guillaume de Palerme the werewolf is relatively benign, appearing as the victim of evil magic and aiding knights errant. However, in most folk tales, (influenced by medieval theology) the werewolf was demonic, part of Satan’s army of darkness, inimical to the human race and having a craving for … Read more