The story of St Guinefort

Guinefort was a faithful greyhound, belonging to a knight who lived in France in the thirteenth century. As the story goes, one day the knight went hunting and left his infant son under the care of Guinefort, his trusted dog. When he returned, Guinefort ran to greet his master. Everything was in a state of … Read more

Skinwalkers are alive and roaming

For the Navajo and other tribes of the southwest, the tales of skinwalkers are not mere legend. Just ask Michael Stuhff. A Nevada attorney, Stuhff is likely one of the few lawyers in the history of American jurisprudence to file legal papers against a Navajo witch. He has often represented Native Americans in his practice. … Read more

William of Palermo

The French verse romance Guillaume de Palerme was composed circa 1200, commissioned by Countess Yolande (who is generally identified to be Yolande, daughter of Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders). The prose version of the French romance, printed by N Bonfons, passed through several editions. The English poem in alliterative verse, commissioned by Humphrey de Bohun, … Read more