One of the most common attributes of accused witches was their supposed ability to fly great distances. Although most accused witches seem to have confessed to flying only as a result of being tortured, some appear to have actually believed they were flying. The means of transport varied greatly. These means include: On the backs … Read more


A spell is a spoken or written formula which, in the act of magic or divination, is intended to create or change a particular course of events. Their methods vary accordingly from culture to culture, but all spells function on ritual activity.  Spells are cast to meet the needs of an individual or a group … Read more


A familiar, or an imp, is an attendant subordinate demon in the form of an animal. Such creatures drew nourishment by suckling from devil’s marks, a witch’s breasts, or insensitive parts on a witch. Familiars behaved in ways that no natural pet was believed to. They ran errands, brought messages, and aided in devil worship. … Read more

The Pact

One of the more interesting but upsetting aspects of demonology is the recurring theme of humans making a pact with the devil. The myth of Faust is the most well known of these: in exchange for one’s soul, Satan will bestow one with wealth or power for a specified time. According to most superstitions, witches … Read more

Witchcraft Herbal Lore

Herbs have been a part of magick and spellcrafting from the beginning of time, and with good reason.  Herbs by definition are plants that have special properties – usually medicinal or culinary – but they also an essential part of magic. During the witch hunt era, the Church included in its definition of witchcraft anyone … Read more

Well-known spells

Knife-milking Knife-milking was sticking a knife into the wall and catching in a bucket the milk that would spout from the end of the handle. The milk is magically coming from someone else cow. If one were to knife-milk too long, blood would start to come out and then cow would die.  Magic shot Also … Read more