Everything zombie

The term zombie has become so popular that it has been used to describe objects or persons that behave accordingly. The Zombie cocktail includes three different kinds of rum, lime juice, falernum, Angostura bitters, Pernod, grenadine, and “Don’s Mix”, a combination of cinnamon syrup and grapefruit juice. Chicken zombies are old egg-laying hens that are … Read more


Noun (zee day): Derived from the word D-Day, which is a British term used to refer to a variable day on which a combat attack or operation is initiated. Z-Day is the first day of the Zombie Apocalypse and the attack on mankind by zombies, which will lead to a widespread zombie outbreak. There are … Read more

Description of Zombies

Broadly say, zombies have the appearance of the living but their lack of free will and souls give them the appearance of mechanical robots. Some display visible signs of desiccation, decay and emaciation on their face and body. They have blank, expressionless faces that become more animated when they get hungry and engage in a … Read more

Zombie Etymology

According to the Oxford English, zombie is a word of West African origin that comes from the words nzambi (god) or nzumbi (fetish) in the Kikongo language, which is spoken in Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and surrounding areas. . Some authors also compare it to the Kongo word vumbi (mvumbi) (ghost, revenant, corpse … Read more

Zombies FAQ

Why Don’t Zombies Attack Each Other? Zombies are firstly motivated by their hunger for flesh of living humans. They don’t like the rotten flesh of their siblings. Zombies can both smell the unpleasant flesh of other zombies, but also smell the fresh flesh of living humans.  How do you kill a zombie? To kill a … Read more

Zombie Sociology

Solitary zombies are very rare. Zombies tend to gather in groups called packs or hordes. Zombie packs are typically much larger than vampire packs. Using their strong sense of smell to lead the way, newly transformed zombies will instinctively gravitate to other zombies. Within days of the onset of a plague, packs made up of … Read more

What is not a zombie

 A ghost In many films, the plot is centered around a ghost seeking revenge that may be depicted as corporeal rather than ethereal. Some of these revenants look like zombies, depicted with outrageous decayed bodies (13 Ghosts – 2001) but they are not. The living dead are first and foremost corpses that continue to move … Read more