Hard facts

Zombies have become a popular subject amongst the media, authors and the movie industry. This is great for making people aware of the zombie threat; however, like anything else touched by these forms of mass media, there are a lot of misconceptions and exaggerations that can lead to death in real life crisis situations. It … Read more

Anti-zombies weapons

The choice for the right weapon is not easy to make. It will depend first on your skills. The best weapon is preparation; training with a weapon can make that weapon 100 times more effective. We suggest that you practice using your weapons of choice as often as possible and seek professional training when possible. … Read more

Zombie Survival Gear

The bag of gear that is required to survive a few days in hostile conditions is often referred to as a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Get Out Of Dodge (G.O.O.D.) kit by survivalists.  It holds the basic necessities and useful items and weighs anywhere up to as much as the owner can carry. Usually, … Read more


Tanks and other armored vehicles are not generally recommended for long-distance travel, as their excessive fuel consumption, noisy operation, and limited mobility make them easy targets for hordes of zombies. Additionally, the difficulty of finding replacement parts and a technician skilled enough to work on the vehicle limits their use to organized military. School buses … Read more

How to destroy zombies

Voodoo Zombie The proper incantation and treatment of the zombie artifacts such as the voodoo doll can harm the zombie and even destroy it. The zombie can also be put to final rest through the appropriate voodoo ceremony, which forces the loa from its body. It is said in Haiti that when a zombie tastes … Read more


Preparation is the key to surviving any type of hazardous situation, and has to be considered both physically and mentally. Different types of disasters and different types of environments may present many types of dangers that require various skills. Techniques have been developed to cope with various kinds of situations; this section will focus on … Read more

Story elements

The zombie apocalypse usually starts by some kind of outbreak of a ‘zombie plague’ due to an infectious disease. Initial contacts with zombies are extremely dangerous and traumatic, causing shock, panic, disbelief and possibly denial, hampering survivors’ ability to deal with hostile encounters. The zombies are usually bestial, motivated by a need to consume living … Read more

Stand united

In zombie apocalypse stories, people are generally more likely to survive if they seek power in numbers. It’s easier to fight off a herd of the walking dead if you have a dozen people by your side. That means you can’t disregard other people and face-to-face communication is a necessity — a stark contrast from … Read more