Norse mythology

In the Faroëse song of Finnur hin friði, we have the following verse:–

Hegar íð Finnur hetta sær.      When this peril Finn saw,

Mannspell var at meini,           That witchcraft did him harm,

Skapti hann seg í varglíki:       Then he changed himself into a were-wolf:

Hann feldi allvæl fleiri.              He slew many thus.

The following is from the second Kviða of Helga Hundingsbana (stroph. 31):–

May the blade bite,

Which thou brandishest

Only on thyself,

when it Chimes on thy head.

Then avenged will be

The death of Helgi,

When thou, as a wolf,

Wanderest in the woods,

Knowing nor fortune

Nor any pleasure,

Haying no meat,

Save rivings of corpses.