Number and hierarchy of demons

Richard Dukante’s Hierarchy (1963)

Unsere – (f) Fertility and Sorcery
Delepitore – (f) Demoness of Sorcery Enlightement
Satanchia – Grand Genreal (War)
Agaliarept – Assistant Grand General (War)
Lucifage – High Command (Control)
Flereous – Fire Elemental
Lucifer – Air Elemental
Leviathan – Water Elemental
Belial – Earth Elemental
Beelzebuth – Lord of insects
Belphegore – Master of Armorment and Weaponry
Mesphito – Keeper of the book of death
Amducious – The destroyer
Asmodeus – Demon of Lust
Sonnielion – (f) Demoness of hate
Abbadon – Advisor
Ammon – demon of domination
Mammon – Demon of Avarice
Rosier – Demon of love
Ashtaroth – (f) Preistess of friendship
Eurynomous – Demon of Death
Verrine – Demon of Health
Verrier – (f) Demoness of plants and herbalism
Ronwe – Demon of Knowledge
Babeal – Keeper of Graves