In the lore ot the Karachay people in Turkey, obur is a blood sucking witch or sorcerer who can tranform into animal form such as that of a cat, a dog, or a wolf. The obers are usually elderly people. After a person becomes an obur, he or she can then recognize others of his kind.

When at home at night, an obur will take off all clothes, smear an ointment over all of his or her body, and wallow in the ashes in the hearth. Then the obour mounts a broom, picks up a whip, runs in circles around the room until he flies up through the chimney in the form of a cat. The obur then enters the home of a family through the chimney to drink blood from the sleeping children. A black bruise is left on each victim in the place where the obur drank.

When an obur hunts outside his village at night, he joins with one or two of kind and they transform into wolves. In this environment and form. they usually prey on cattle or sheep by drinking their blood.

The source for this information is The Darkling by Jan Petrowsky (1989) where it cites an unpublished article by Raymond Hebert (1960).