Ode to Freya

“Hail to thee, Freya, Queen of the Aesir,
Queen of Vanir, fair Lady of Álfheim.
Mistress of magic, Mother of Midgard;
By the sovereign power of seithr
And strength of Brísingamen
Lend me your insight in this my rite.
Great Goddess!
Thee I call, thee I invoke!
Surround me in your feathered cloak
That I may see through the nine worlds
From the roots to the trunk to the tips
Of the holy tree.
Freya, gift your secrets to me!
Thee I call, thee I invoke:
By wheel of wagon and cat’s light paw,
On wings of falcon, from dark veins of soil,
By day’s golden light and night’s black toil. Come, Queen of All, into this circle
And bless the casting that is to be performed.”

Nordic Runes, Paul Rhys Montfort