Aka : spears, globules, balls of light, globes  

History : first accounts dated back from Antiquity.

Orbs captured in a crematorium

Description : translucent balls of light hovering above the ground most often traveling erratically through the air. When a person or ghost hunter develops the picture or loads it onto his computer the photo has a hovering, round ball. Some of the orbs show up filled with light, while others appear to be transparent.  Some pictures would reveal an inner substance and a spot (nucleus or brain) within the substance. A trail might indicate they were traveling at a fairly fast rate of speed at the time of the flash.

Time : nocturnal

Records : 100 000+

Location : generally spotted outdoors and most particularly at cemeteries

Theory :Some theories state orbs are the form spirits travel in.  the spirits of the deceased that remain on Earth, unknown form of energy, vessel of the Dryad faery, … . It is theorized that ghosts prefer the form of an Orb because it takes less energy than other apparitions.

 Veracity factor : 3/10 

There are many people who think orb photos are paranormal because they were taken in an allegedly haunted place. The truth is the majority of orb photos are merely refractions of light on the camera lens. This occurs when the camera flash bounces back from something reflective in the range of the camera. The way they are making cameras today is one of the main reasons. The flash is too close to the lens and it has been capturing orbs of light, dust or moisture in the air. When this happens, it creates a perfectly round ball of light which appears to be within the
area of the photo but is actually just an image on the lens itself.  Some experts say that 98% of photographed orbs are created inadvertently by circumstances and weather conditions at the time of the flash.