Paranormal activity can range from mere light noises to thunderstorm

This chart goes by levels that are accumulative as the levels progress.

This means for example, that in level 3 the poltergeist will have all the characteristics of a level 3, but also have the characteristics of levels 1 and 2





Referred to as Senses Attack because in the early stages of a poltergeist the activity mainly revolves around the human body’s basic six

Cold spots – Strange noises – Odd odors and smells – Hearing footsteps – Unusual animal activity (dogs/cats running from rooms, etc) – Feelings of being watched



This level is where the noises and smells begin to turn into something more direct. Everything is still at its basic level but turned up a few notches.

Whispers – Laughs or giggles – Moans or shrieking – Moving shadows – Breezes in closed areas – Visible clouds (base apparitions) – Strong static electricity. Marks on floors or walls, (Not Writings).



At this stage the poltergeist begins to make it’s presence felt. The difference is that in the first two levels it could be said that it was the mind playing tricks, but now, it’s hard not to notice something real is happening. This is the level that the classic haunting falls into.

Lights and other electrical appliances turning ON/OFF – Unseen hands grabbing or touching people – Writings on walls or pattern markings – Doors that OPEN/CLOSE or LOCK/UNLOCK – Hearing voices or words clearly – Full apparitions or dark figures – Showing levels of communication with living people – Strange telephone calls



This is where an advanced poltergeist begins to gain momentum. Moving closer to the danger level and picking up a clearer consciousness. It may seem that it’s only a harmless ghost being playful. However, if it is a poltergeist, it may be gathering knowledge of what the people around it consider frightening. At the next level it will use the information gained here in a violent manner to create an atmosphere of absolute terror. Which it then will use to feed off of and build its own energy


Flying objects – Moving objects – Objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere – shaking furniture – Fire starting – Appearing as frightening entities – Pushing or shaking people – creating visions or illusions – speaking in ordering tones – People feel dizzy, nausea or sick to stomach. Windows, mirrors or other household objects breaking for no reason – Levitation


At this level the poltergeist is at its highest energy point and should be considered dangerous. Violent and/or threatening actions begin at this stage. The time frame here, and all stages listed, will vary determining on the poltergeist. It could end in days, months or years. After this stage the poltergeist will go dormant and then begin this cycle over again starting

Dangerous activity – Biting – Slapping or punching – rape – Animating objects – Possessions – Use of household electrical systems to cause harm – Fires and burning – Blood on walls, floors, ceilings – Attacked by unseen forces – held down – Hair pulled – Flying knives or sharp objects – Heavy objects falling – Threatening writings or visual signs