Possessed objects

Origin : first accounts dated back from Antiquity

Description : inanimate objects that move, make noise or change shape.  Sometimes a particular piece of furniture will refuse to change place, even moving in front of the owner’s eyes. Other notorious haunted objects are the various means of transport ; phantom ships, ghost trains that rumble through the night on their old runs, even if the railway line has been removed.

Time : any time

Records : 100

Location : most often affects older objects that belonged to defunts and transports that had mortal accidents.

Famous : the Hope Diamond; the Flying Dutchman and the french ship La Belle Rosalie; the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln that appears on a certain day of April along a stretch of track in NY state.

Theory : Some objects are said to be cursed, other would be animated by spirits. Regarded haunted houses, some claims that the former inhabitants are still attached to what belonged to them in their former life on earth. So if a human ghost is not friendly towards you, perhaps it is because you changed something in their house like the carpet in their favorite room or something else that will change and alter the things that belonged to them in life.

Regarding trains, ships and other transports, it seems that their apparition is mostly linked to past dramatic facts. Their rehearsal would happen just as residual haunting.

Veracity factor : 1/10  – can be telekinesic phenomenon or poltergeist