Psychic Vampires

Life force

Life force, or “pranic energy” is a specific type of energy produced by living things and the biosphere as a whole. This energy is also contained in the blood and is believed by some to be an integral part of the transfer which occurs between a donor and a sanguinarian.

However this “energy” has never been measured by any scientific means until now, which does not mean it is not measurable.

Other types of “energy” are identified, and sometimes differentiated from “pranic energy”, these are namely sexual energy, psychic energy, emotional energy, magical energy, negative energy, astral energy, atmospheric energy, … and many others.

These “energies” are given various conflicting and overlapping definitions, and the explanations of what “energy” is, exactly, and how the psychic vampire uses it tend to vary from one individual to another. 

You can view this interesting phenomenon called the halo effect around your own aura by first holding your hand, palm side outward, at arm’s length, and then while viewing your hand against a neutral background, slowly expanding your peripheral vision. Finally, let your eyes fall slightly out of focus, and you will see the aura around your hand as a colorful glow surrounded by an outer halo of bright energy.

A study funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York showed that certain persons were highly skilled at deliberately tapping into and directly feeding upon the aura of others. 

How it works ?

Direct observations of the aura as well as aura photographs taken before and after a psychic vampire interaction showed the victim’s aura becoming severely de-energized and constricted following an attack while the vampire’s aura became energized and expansive.

As expected, such onslaughts dramatically expanded the invading vampire’s aura but seriously dulled and constricted the host victim’s aura, a condition that often lasted for days.

By draining energy from another person’s aura, these so-called psychic vampires not only deplete the aura’s energy resources, they also interrupt the capacity of the aura’s central core to generate new energy, particularly when the interaction is prolonged.

Even more seriously, vampire puncture wounds to the aura often required weeks to heal. Long-term, continuous psychic vampire attacks can have devastating consequences that reach far beyond damage to the energy system.