Psychic Vampires

How to recognize a psychic vampire?

Psychic vampirism is hard to recognized. Some psychic vampires self-identify on the basis of how they feel; others rely on how they seem to affect people around them. But some psychic vampires hold that the only way to know if you are a psychic vampire is to be “recognized” by other, “experienced” psychic vampires who read your aura or “energy signature”.

Here are some basic indicators to check if you are a psychic vampire (treat these as guidelines only).

  • feeling a strong sense of “drawing energy” in the presence of other people (which may be experienced as a sense of fullness, a sensation of pressure or inward “suction” in the solar plexus or above the bridge of the nose, a sense of sudden elation, euphoria, or increased vigor, or an odd optical illusion that the area around you has gotten a little brighter, as though someone just turned on an extra lamp somewhere);
  • feeling a sense of “energy overload” in which you easily “hit the wall” in social situations and need to withdraw and be alone; and lassitude, weakness and depression when you’re cut off from your usual social interactions.

Some psychic vampires include emotional empathy (“feeling” other people’s emotions and experiencing them) as a symptom, although non-vampires can be highly empathic. Effects on other people might include depression, fatigue, or loss of energy when people are around you, people sometimes avoiding you or withdrawing from you for no apparent reason, or people giving you harsh feedback about your alleged neediness, clingyness, intrusiveness or negativity.

However the feeding is performed, most psychic vampires report to get greatly invigorated physically and psychologically. Feeding can cause an amphetamine like rush.

Like blood vampires, psychic vampires feel that they must “feed” on the energy they require on a regular basis, and many report physical feelings of discomfort if they are denied access to a source. Symptoms of “energy deprivation” include extreme fatigue, depression, mood swings, immune system suppression with an increase in illnesses, uncontrollable “draining” of non-targeted sources, insomnia and anxiety, along with negative reactions from others close to the psychic vampire. 

A psi-vampire attack is an uninvited and unwelcome draining of one’s vital energy by a psychic vampire.

They can occur through casual contact, at distance or even through dreams.

These attacks are not always just for draining; but also influence the mind, causing the target of the victim to hear, see, and feel things.

Attacks of this nature can range from mild to very severe, sometimes leaving the victim despondent or even physically sick from being drained so. It’ is still debated whether one can become a psychic vampire from repeated severe psi-vampire attacks.

If you suddenly feel emotionally or mentally depleted, you may be under attack by a psychic vampire. The unfortunate effects of prolonged energy loss are damage to the energy system itself and in some instances, serious illness.

Dr. Judith Orloff has identified several profiles of psychic, or in her terminology, “energy vampires”:

  • The Sob Sister who always considers her/himself the victim. The world is always against them and they’ll recount every horrible thing that has happened, wallowing in every perceived slight and whining all the time.
  • The Charmer, a constant talker or joke-teller who has to be the center of attention ad nauseam.
  • The Blamer who cuts you down with criticism doling out endless servings of guilt.
  • The Drama Queen who lives in extremes of emotion with life being unbelievably good or horrifically bad and wearing you out while blabbing on and on and on.

If you have little self-confidence in facing a psychic vampire and think you might be especially vulnerable then you can actually help the psychic vampire to influence or control you in some way just as readily as Mina invited Count Dracula into her home.

Depending on the talents and abilities of the psychic vampire, their negative thoughts can reach out to others. Psychic vampires have various ways of sucking your energy. Negative comments are very efficient at draining the life right out of you. ‘You can’t do that; you should do this; are you living in wonderland?” are all very effective at bringing you down.  “What’s wrong with you? You are bad” – are vampire tools that make you feel weak and small even if you are robust and tall.

Just keep firmly in mind that your own thoughts are far more important and strong within you than any words that others place upon you. You must not allow psychic vampires to have any kind of control over you.

If you simply refuse to accept that the vampire can harm you and actually believe this to be true then little or no harm can come to you and the psychic vampire’s efforts will either ruined or better will return to the sender.

There are of course any number of other, fairly standard, “magical” protective mechanisms you can use including constructing a doll or poppet of the vampire concerned and driving a wooden spike into it, the intention here is to stop them from affecting you rather than inflicting actual physical death. Crystals are also recommended to build a shield around you.