About 22,000 years ago aliens from another world had reached a very sophisticated level of technological advancement.  On their home planet they had been experimenting with the creation of life.  The result of one experiment was a creature that escaped and killed several of their people.  So, they decided to find a planet suitable for their experiments. They found earth and their experiments in DNA manipulation continued.  They created all life on earth, both plant and animal.  In fact, some of the scientists created monstrous life forms which are now known as dinosaurs.  But ultimately, they created human beings who were “made in their image.”  They grew in intelligence and knowledge.

But, the humans were kept in ignorance regarding advanced technical knowledge particularly how to prolong their life spans (called the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Bible) because some of the alien creators thought that the humans shouldn’t know too much lest they become dangerous. On the other hand, there was a group of alien creators (called the serpent in the Bible) who thought that the humans should know as much as possible.  So, they helped the humans gain a great deal of knowledge. Unfortunately, this displeased the home world government who then exiled these alien creators to earth for a period of time and sent the others home.

Nevertheless, when the humans learned that they had the capacity to be like their creators (be like God), they realized they had been kept in ignorance and became angry. This upset the research and development on earth even more.  Therefore, their ability to gain more knowledge was stopped (kicked out of Eden) and alien soldiers with atomic disintegration weapons guarded the entrance to the creators’ residence (Tree of life) to prevent human beings from getting more scientific knowledge.

But, later some of the aliens who were in exile on earth took for themselves wives among the human women (Genesis 6). Their offspring were mighty and strong and desired to gain the same level of knowledge as their creators. But this displeased the leaders on the home world who then decided to destroy all life on earth with nuclear missiles. But the creators who had been exiled on earth heard of this plan and instructed Noah to build a spaceship in which he could keep people from every race as well as all the genetic information, in cellular form, safe (Noah’s Ark).  This is did and while the earth was destroyed by nuclear weapons (the flood was a giant tidal wave resulting from the explosions), Noah hovered above the earth in his spaceship, preserving life. He then landed after the radioactive levels had dissipated sufficiently to allow him to return to earth and reestablish life on it.  The creators eventually learned that the humans meant no harm to them, so the creators promised to never again destroy the earth.

After the races were reestablished, the most intelligent of them, the Jews, built a space ship (The Tower of Babel) in order to travel to the distant home world.  But this frightened them.  So, they took all of the most intelligent of people and scattered them among primitive tribes so as to confound their language and prevent further technological development.

From this point on, communication with the people on earth was kept to a minimum. The exiled creators were allowed to return to their home world.  But, the creators kept in contact with humans by sending them different “prophets” at different times and places.  These prophets (Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, Jesus, etc.), were specially prepared by the creators to have abilities above those of normal humans.

A spaceship appeared to Moses to give him messages, to help him escape the oppression of more numerous oppressive tribes who had not suffered the scattering of their people as had the Jewish people. Samson was a telepathist and was instructed to not cut his hair because hair functions as antennae which aided telepathy. It was through telepathy that the aliens kept in contact with and guided Samson.  The Ark of the Covenant was a small nuclear device. Jonah’s great fish was a submarine. Women with flying suits appeared to Zechariah.

Ultimately, the aliens will return to earth and reveal themselves as the true creators of life on earth, establish a one world government, one language, and one currency.  But, earth isn’t the only place where life was created. In fact, there were three worlds.  “Of the three worlds where life has been created, the one which makes the most progress will receive the inheritance.  The ones which have not progressed, will be dominated by the other, and eliminated.  This is also true on Earth between nations,” (Rael, Claude Vorilhon, The Message give by Extra-Terrestrials: At last science replaces religion, (Canada: The Raelian Foundation), 2001, p. 68).

The Raelians’ interest in cloning seems to stem from their belief that the human soul perishes when the body dies.