Residual haunting

Aka : repeated actions, residues

Description : a ghost that is trapped in a continuous loop. Many apparitions are always viewed repeating the same motions or scenes. Usually these ghosts pay little or no attention to the observer and go through the motions of the event that occurred in the past. 

Time : usually such phenomenon occur at regular dates

Records : 1000+

Location :wherever happened brutal deaths

Theory : usually considered as a visual play back of a past event that has been imprinted on the area or building and is replayed back later when conditions are right. Since everything is made up of energy, the theory is that some of the energy from an event can be recorded by certain materials and played back when the energy is released just as a mere video recorder.

Famous : The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall, who was always seen moving down a hallway with a lantern in her hand. 

Veracity factor : 5/10