Robert Rines

Robert Rines

August 30, 1922 – November 1, 2009

Species : Nessie

Country : USA

Robert H. Rines  was an American lawyer, inventor, researcher, and composer. He held more than 800 patents, and his inventions underlie high-resolution image-scanning radar that was used in the Gulf War, and ultrasound scanning used in the search for the wrecks of the Titanic and the Bismarck. He was also well known for his efforts to find the legendary "Loch Ness Monster."

Together with Sir Peter Scott, the Boston lawyer and professor at the MIT has organised several expeditions on the Loch (1971, 1996, 1998) and produced some strange pictures from sonars that revealed after computer enhancement something that could resemble part of the monster.

"There are few of us willing to risk our reputations on something as improbable as this, judged with such ridicule," he told Boston Magazine in 1998. "Scientists think there are other things to do for fame and fortune than something this crazy. So we do it quietly as a private venture and don’t have to hear that we’re ‘crazy people chasing monsters and wasting public funds. "