The Sanguinarium ( was a network, community and resource for the vampyre subculture and scene founded in 1995 by Father Sebastian as Clan Sabretooth in New York’s underground club scene.

Inspired by the “vampire connection” of vampire bars, nightclubs and safehouses founded in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the Sanguinarium serves to bring this vision to life as a real “Vampyre Connection”.

It has expanded to include organizations, businesses, havens and individual members who are united under a code of ethics and morality known as The Black Veil (a.k.a. The Thirteen Rules of the Community).

Although officially disbanded as an actual organization in 2001,  the Sanguinarium continues to exist in practice. Anyone, including individuals and Houses, using the terminology and concepts provided by the founders, movers and shakers of the Sanguinarium is considered by them to be a part of the Sanguinarium, and now the Strigoii Vii.

The newest venture to hit the scene is the Ordo Strigoii Vii (OSV), which is a dark spiritual pathway and Vampyric religion designed for the Vampyre subculture. The OSV is a recognized church in Amsterdam and is supported by the Church of Satan (CoS).

Father Sebastian (formerly known as Father Todd) operates the Vampyre Almanac, which produces and promotes many club events, publishes and promotes various documents and books, and provides publicity for the Vampyre subculture and BDSM/fetish scene, often mingling the two to provide a unique aesthetic.

Other notorious vampyres are Damien Daville (the Vampire Church), Sarya Ingram and Michelle Belanger (House Kheperu).