How to conduct a spirits seance ?

Begin by joining hands with the people on either side of you and closing your eyes.

This does not increase or makes communication with the spirits easier but usually contribute to ally people’s fear and help them to empty their minds.

Depending on your religious beliefs, you (or the medium) might want to say a short invocation or divine blessing before going further, just in case.

Then the medium should lead everyone in a deep breathing exercise by instructing them to breathe in slowly through the nose . . . and out slowly through the mouth, while trying to keep their minds blank. The goal is to get everyone calm, comfortable and in touch with their senses. Many spiritual people place (visualize) a white light around the room.

As the medium begins to call spirit you may experience physical things in the room: noises, cool air blowing, a tickling sense of touch, smells of perfume, cigars, cooking odors, the table lifts a bit (that could also be caused by telekinetic energies from the people seated at the table).

A response can take the form of a sudden decrease in room temperature, a slight ache in the area that caused the spirit’s death (for example, if the deceased died from a heart attack, séance participants might feel a subtle pain in their chest) or a rapping sound.

The medium must first determine who the spirit is and who they came to talk to. Messages are then passed along followed by questions by the person connected to the spirit. As with all channeling, only ask the question once, not repeated until you get the desired answer you seek.

Each person at the table should get to speak to at least one spirit.
Sometimes spirits may come that you did not expect. Chat quickly with them, thank them, and tell them to move on.

Some spirits chat a lot but some just say one or two things then leave. Some answer questions while others just bring messages.

There is no length of time for a séance. This is up to you, the spirit, and the medium.

If, for any reason, things start to get out of control and the medium can’t seem to handle it, command the participant to quickly tell the spirit to go in peace, then break the circle of hands, extinguish the candles and turn on the lights.

After you’re done with all of your questioning, end the séance by thanking the spirit for its time and telling it to go in peace. Then break the circle, extinguish the candles and turn on the lights. Look around the table and make sure all of the participants are fully conscious.

Record the events of the séance immediately (on paper if you weren’t already taping it).

Some medium managed to be friendly with some spirits of their choice that would show up and even materialize at every seance so be nice.

If it turns out that you followed all these steps but your seance failed miserably, it might be or maybe someone in your séance group doesn’t really believe in ghosts. Dysfunctional people will attract dysfunctional spirits, for the drama of it. Be sure you know who is in your group, especially if you are a beginner. Try holding the séance with different combinations of people or at different places. Like every job, channeling requires patience and practice.