Super strength

Godzilla has displayed varied levels of physical strength. He has been depicted lifting and throwing monsters in excess of his own weight such as King Ghidorah, Destroyah, Biollante and Kaiser Ghidorah and in Godzilla: Final Wars was even able to throw Kumonga clear over the horizon. He is strong enough to knock down buildings and use his powerful tail to topple over enemies.

He is even shown using martial arts in a comical fashion during the Showa Series, or moving very quickly in spite of his size, such as in Zone Fighter. In the millennium series he has also been able to leap high into the air.
Despite his bulky appearance, Godzilla’s speed and reflexes are fast and impressive. However, he has been shown to be able to be much faster and more maneuverable underwater. This allows him to be able to fight on equal footing with even Manda and Gezora.