The Architect

During the Middle Ages, the devil was said to have built many great places :

Many bridges in Europe are called “bridges of the Devil” 

France : The “Pont Dieu” between the shore and the island “Ile d’Yeu” in the West of France (unfinished). The wall of the castel of Vizille near Grenoble in France. Saint-Cloud. The Pont de Valentre at Cahors. Beaugency. Pont-de-l’Arche. Vieille Brioude. Orthez. Pont du Diable near St-Guilhem le Désert. Pont du Diable near Céret.

Switzerland : Einsieldeln not far from Paracelse’s house

Italy: Ponte della Maddalena

Bulgaria: Dyavolski most

Germany : many “Teufelbrücke” (names welcome), The Sachsenhäuser Bridge at Frankfurt.

England : The Bridge at Kentchurch, Herefordshire, Hadrian’s wall between Scotland and England.

Wales: The bridge on the Mynach

Spain: Les Ferreres Aqueduct

Usually, the devil traded his work against the soul of the first passenger to pass over the bridge. In such stories, man usually fooled the devil by sending first an animal instead of a real person or by putting a limit in the time allowed for the devil to finish his work (usually one night).

The devil is said to have moved 4 columns from the Cathedral of Milano to the Kaiserkapelle at Nuremberg (XII)

Two of the portals of Notre-Dame-de-Paris were ironed by the demon Biscornet (the portals have been replaced in 1860)