The basics

When planning a Halloween party, remember that a party theme always contribute greatly to the fun. Convenience and age group are very important while choosing the venue, date and time.

While preparing a list of guests, keep in mind the number of people you can easily accommodate and know the actual number of people turning up.

Mail or deliver invitations at least two weeks before the party. Invitations should also clearly state instructions about themes, costumes and when the party ends.

A Halloween party just cannot be complete without the right decoration. Try using colored lights and creepy black bouquets. Some spooky music and sound effects can also be really helpful. You can make your own costumes, buy or hire some of the more expensive ones but it’s always good to go for the cheaper or self-made ones if you’re planning the party on a tight budget.

Halloween party games can be real fun if you make sure you choose the ones that are the scariest but fun at the same time. While playing these games, try to make the best use of your colored light effects, scary stories and props. However, remember that it’s your duty as a host to keep these games safe and age-appropriate.

Keep the menu simple for your Halloween party. Select only a few tried-and-true recipes. However, to go with the mood of the day, try dressing up your food to look like ghoulish things such as eyeballs, body parts, punch that looks like blood etc. Also keep in mind to have plenty of candy in hand for the kids.