The Black Veil

Strigoi Vii are not criminals.

Adherence to the laws of Our local governments, even if We disagree with them, is essential to provide Us with the freedom to explore Our nature.  Criminal or illegal behavior is greatly condemned within Strigoi Vii culture.  By this We do not refer to minor legal infractions such as parking violations. We are referring to serious crimes such as drug dealing, murder, rape, assault, theft, etc.  Strigoi Vii are free-spirited and individualis-tic.  However, all Strigoi Vii are expected to act with common sense and practice social responsibility.  It is the duty of every Strigoi Vii to conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring negative consequences upon the Family.


Strigoi Vii are adults.

We must honor the need for minors to establish a skeptical, objective, and rational Dayside foundation before exploring and embracing the Nightside.  Those who have not reached the age of majority (eighteen in the United States) must not be encouraged or permitted to explore Our Mysteries, participate in Vampyre ritual, or enter Our Sanctums under any condi-tions.  Thus no minor shall ever be involved in Strigoi Vii, either privately or publicly, until they come of age.
Those children curious about Our Mysteries should explore the basics of yoga, quantum physics, theology, paganism, magick, Reiki, martial arts, and the works of philosophers such as Charles Darwin, Frederick Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand.  This way they build a solid foundation that shall better prepare them to pursue Zhep’r upon coming of age.


Strigoi Vii See Blood as a Metaphor for something far more subtle.

From the perspective of the Strigoi Vii, the Art of Vampyrism occurs purely on a subtle energetic level and thus Strigoi Vii are not drinkers of corporeal, physical blood for tapping ener-gies. The word “Blood” with a capital letter “B” is merely a metaphorical term for the subtle vital life-force better known as Prana in Sanskrit, chi in Chinese medicine, or ki in Japanese martial arts.  The term “Sanguine” symbolizes the spiritual Current and Blood (heritage) of the Family.  To satisfy Our spiritual hunger and desire for Zhep’r, We practice other, more subtle forms of absorbing energy, which We find much more efficient and pertinent to Our Mysteries. On a Dayside level, the decision not to drink blood leads to a clear avoidance of legal liabilities and health risks such as blood-borne dis-eases, including Hepatitis, Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and many more.


The Strigoi Vii have a unified cause – the Current and the Quest

The Current is the “Blood” that is the signature of Our Family.  The collective duty of all Strigoi Vii is the Quest of Family.  We must search out those with potential to Awaken, yet who are not aware of their potential.  However, We never force a Potential to follow Our way, as Vampyres are not mindless followers.  Potentials must be allowed to come to the Family in their own way and in their own time.The Strigoi Vii should always use one of the proven tools for supporting the Quest of Family, as to not degrade Our Mysteries. Give the Seeker a hint, let them feel the Calling, and come when and if they are ready. Never support or join an organization or individual that actively opposes the Family or Our Quest. Never enter into debates with the mortal minded or try to convert them to Our ways, as such behavior is in conflict with the Glamour and a waste of time and energy.  Betraying the Quest of Family is not only betraying the Family:  It is betraying yourself.


The Strigoi Vii is an open secret, hidden in plain sight.

Secrets protect and bind Us. Our Mysteries are Our own, and those who wish to explore them should seek them out alone, through personal initiative and action.  As a sleight of hand magician would employ the principle of “hidden in plain sight,” so does the Living Vampyre.

Here follow three examples of the Black Veil Principle of Se-crets.  Firstly, take example from the Magisters.  Honor your Sorors’ and Fraters’ right of privacy, such as in respect to their mundane identity.  Never disclose their personal information to anyone, especially to the mortal-minded, but even to other Family members, without their explicit permission.  The only circumstance under which the Synod would disclose the given name and identity of any Strigoi Vii is if such information was required under the legal jurisdiction of the proper authorities.

Secondly, public discussion of Strigoi Vii and the Mysteries outside of the Sanctums, such as with the media, on social networking websites, in public, or with those not of the Blood, is an obvious violation of this Principle.  At all times speak only for yourself, and never represent the greater Family out-side of the guidelines of the Quest of Family.  Leave that to those select members of the Priesthood who are properly trained in public relations.  Supporting this Principle furthers the Glamour and protects Our Mysteries.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of this principle of the Black Veil is avoiding discussion of the Mysteries with someone who has not had the opportunity to read Sanguinomicon and reflect upon the contents.  Respect free will, and let Seekers gain a first impression of the Mysteries and formulate an opinion on their own.  When an individual has the opportunity to read a text, they shall draw their own conclusions, whilst if you tell them about it, they will more likely only be able to see it from your perspective.