The Grey Man of Scotland

Aka : the Big Gray Man of Ben MacDhu, Am Fear Liath Mori

Place: With a height of 1309 metres (4296 feet), Ben MacDhui is the loftiest peak in the Cairngorms and the second highest peak anywhere in Scotland. Many mountaineers are certain that it harbours a malign humanoid entity, referred to  as the Big Grey Man.

Sightings : eminent climber Professor Norman Collie heard footsteps 1891 when descending from the Ben MacDhui’s mountain’s summit in the mist.

One day during the early 1920s, while coming down alone from Braeraich in Glen Eanaich. which is close to Ben MacDhui, experienced mountaineer Tom Crowley heard footsteps behind him. When he looked around, he was horrified to see a huge grey mist shrouded figure with pointed ears, long legs and finger-like talons on its feet. He did not stay for a closer look.