The Highgate Vampire

A few days later Manchester returned to Highgate Cemetery, but in the daytime, when visits are allowed. He claimed in his book (neither press nor police were present) that this time he and his companions did succeed in forcing open, inch by inch, the heavy and rusty iron doors of the family vault to find out that one of three empty coffins was missing.

Led by Lusia as a psychic link, he then broke into the catacomb nearest where this woman’s body had been discovered.

There he found an extra coffin within which, even more remarkably, was a vampire, with clotted gore in the corners of its mouth and the complexion of a three-day-old corpse. He was about to drive a stake through the body it contained when a companion persuaded him to desist. Reluctantly, he shut the coffin, put garlic and incense in the vault, and came out from it. The vault was then bricked up at his request after numerous safeguards to neutralize the vampire were installed.

During the next few months dead animals (mainly mutilated foxes and cats) continued to appear in Waterslow Park, and an escaped mental patient was found wandering the cemetery covered in his own blood.

Farrant was jailed in 1974 for damaging memorials and interfering with dead remains in Highgate Cemetery — vandalism and desecration which he insisted had been caused by Satanists, not him. In 1975 Manchester wrote a chapter about it in a book edited by Peter Underwood, a well-known popular writer on ghost lore.

Three years later, in 1977, Manchester along with his two assistants, claimed to have discovered a vampiric corpse (he implies that it was the same one) in the cellar of a supposedly haunted house situated at the corner of Crescent Road and Avenue Road in Crouch End, North London.

According to Manchester, the trio had to withstand mysteriously destroyed equipment, inexplicable noises, suddenly mouldy food and being trapped inside their car by a terrifying evil force. But this time, Manchester gave no chance to the creature, driving a stake through his heart, and dragging the coffin out into the yard, where they cremated the viscous slime left after the vampire’s body degenerated.

Since, there have been no more strange happenings in the Highgate cemetery.