The Lion-Faced Man

Lionel, the Lion-Faced Man

Stephan Bibrowsky was born in Poland in 1890 to normal parents. He suffered from hypertrichosis, a rare genetic disease that covers the entire bodies of the subjects with a thick coat of fur. Only about 50 cases of the disorder have been documented since the Middle Ages. In the case of Lionel, six-inch-long hair covered his body.

He was discovered by a German man named Meyer when he was four years old and became famous throughout Europe where he gained the nickname of Lionel the Lion-Faced Man.

When her mother was pregnant, said the story, she saw her husband lacerated by a lion. He then traveled to America where he was a featured attraction with Barnum and Bailey. He died in 1932 in Italy.

 Far from being exhibited as a beast, he wore often  the best clothes to show that under his hairs he was a literate and enjoyable person that spoke five languages.