The Ouija Board

A ouija board is a medium through which messages are supposedly communicated by the dead to or through the players of seance. Ouija boards are also known as "witch boards" and "talking boards." The nickname "ouiji" or "weejie" is also used quite a bit. The word "ouija" is actually a combination of two words, the french word "oui" and the German word "ja." Both words mean "yes" in english.

Many Spiritualists and investigators into the occult have held that the board is a means for making direct contact with the dead and that the messages which are spelled out are from the dead.

Others have held that the messages are suggestions from the unconscious mind or the result of muscular tension and unconscious direction of the hand.

The playing pieces consist of a game board (like a Monopoly board) and a pointer, called a planchette.  The game board has all the letters  of the alphabet written on it. The numbers 0-9 are also usually included, along with yes/no and hello/goodbye spaces.  The layout of a typical board looks like this:

The pointer is made of plastic or glass, and either points to the letters with one end or has a clear window embedded in it through which one can view the letters .To play, two or more people lightly touch the pointer and concentrate on a question.  Now, first place your fingers (this works best with a friend, by the way) gently on the glass and concentrate. Than after having asked the relevant question, the glass will start to move and point to various letters, which will form words and sentences and provide with the answer to your question .

The pointer may work as the result of tiny involuntary physical movements, and the messages you see are coming from your subconscious or psychic mind.