The Yeti


According to legends, there are three species which have a general resemblance despite differences in size.  


Aka : pygmy yeti, thelma, Raksi-Bombo

Description:Diog thinks he is probably a gibbon (a known type of ape) that may live as far north as Nepal, though it’s never been spotted past the Brahmaputra River in India.

Size :1.0 -1.5 m in height 


Aka: giant yeti, Nyalmot

Place : Nepal, North Vietnam and Sikkim

Description:. The giant yeti has dark fur and a flat head and has been said to roam and often attack cattle. Diog thinks this is probably the Tibetan blue bear. A creature so rare it is known only in the west through a few skins, bones and a skull

Size :2.5 to4.5 m in height 


Aka : Mih the, Rimi

Description: see above description

Size :2 to 3 m in height