Theories about Nessie Existence

When expeditions and searchings meet with little success, some entrepreneurs create fraudulent evidence in order to make the headlines and to improve their own self-importance.

It is also valuable to notice that the Nessie story was artificially inflated by a group of interested people. 1933 was the year of the first wave of sightings on the Loch and also the worst year of the economic slump.

Nessie did not came by chance to revigorate a depressed area. Ultimately, such improper activities were discovered, bringing the entire enigma into disrepute and turning the monsters researchers discoveries ridiculous or fraudulous.

Some photographs may be of birds, large fishs, and even swimming elephants. Other have created giant artefact on top of boats to simulate Nessie. In 2004, a documentary team for television channel Five, using special effects experts from movies, tried to make people believe there was something in the loch. They constructed an animatronic model of a plesiosaur, and dubbed it "Lucy". Despite setbacks, such as Lucy falling to the bottom of the loch, about 600 sightings were reported in the places they conducted the hoaxes.

Eventually, Nessie has become a popular character and a joke like Santa Klaus and not so many believe in its existence at this time of the new millenar.