Physical Therianthropy has been defined as the ability to shift from human to animal form and back again. Spiritual Therianthropy, then, is the ability to mentally transform from the normal human mode of thinking and reacting to an animal one.

Even if humans are animals, it has been a constant effort of humanity, however, to deny this fact.

Humanity has sought to remove all aspects of animalistic traits from its behavior; to the point that being called an animal is considered an insult. It evokes images of uncivilized, impulsive, hedonistic behavior; acting completely without thought or restraint.

All humans are animals, but very few these days can look into themselves and find the animal remnants.

Those who believe in Spiritual Therianthropy feel those animal remnants very strongly us and identify themselves with an animal whose characteristics reflect their own. It contacts them through totems, dreams and  meditation.